circle-ranch-keyline-plow-featureKeyline design is a technique created by P. A. Yeomans for maximizing the resources of a piece of land. This site is dedicated to his legacy and has been re-purposed to help users go green with refurbished and budget laptops. Below you’ll find a full explanation of the science that made Mr Yeoman’s legacy stand the test of time!

Soil is rich when it contains a lot of humus and biologically active soil organic matter. Soil organic matter is entirely composed of complex carbon molecules. The use of chemical fertilisers and poor farming practices breaks down and destroys organic matter. The carbon compounds break down and form the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide goes straight into the atmosphere.

However the organic matter content of these now poor soils can be rapidly restored and increased by simple changes in crop rotation, grazing practices, and soil cultivating techniques. The increases in soil organic matter obtains its carbon atoms supply by sequestration of carbon dioxide direct from the atmosphere. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels drop.

The soils of the Great Plains of the United States were once deep and rich in active soil humus and organic matter. Single cropping, the huge use of agricultural chemicals and incorrect cultivating techniques combined, have massively reduced the organic carbon content of these soils.

I have estimated that the carbon dioxide released by the destruction of American soils has discharged into the atmosphere a quantity of carbon dioxide that is, in total, enormous. It is almost the same as the quantity of carbon dioxide discharged into the atmosphere from American automotive exhaust pipes since the “T” Model Ford .

Western farming techniques throughout the world are often worse.

The large scale change to renewable energy must start now. And it can. However we must realise that energy sources, not based on coal and oil, have been subject to a powerful, ongoing advertising and publicity campaign to prevent their widespread acceptance.

This campaign of criticism and harassment is directed against alternative energy in proportion to its threat to the fossil carbon industries. Nuclear power generation and hydro-electricity have been subject to the greatest harassment. These have been followed in turn by criticism of wind energy, tidal energy, geo-thermal energy and bio-mass derived energy.

The capital cost of solar electricity have always been so high that commercial solar electricity generation was never thought to present a threat. Undoubtedly for this reason, the fossil carbon industries often support solar power concepts. They are very clever..

The only difficulty to implementing the changes needed, the only real barriers to be overcome, are those created by the fossil fuel industries using their advertising agencies, their public relations organisations and their lobby groups. It is incumbent on all of us to understand their techniques so that we may think clearly.

The way in which the fossil carbon industries have created images in the public mind conducive to the sale of their products is marketing excellence. It is however environmentally devastating. As a result, world climate is now in the balance.

The large scale change to renewable energy must start now. And it can.

I grew up in a house where geology, soil, water and the manufacture of agricultural machinery were constant topics. I then began designing most of our family companies mining and agricultural machinery products. I grew up knowing fertile soil could be readily produced when virtually every agricultural college in the world presumed and taught that this was an impossibility. In addition, as part of my university studies, I completed a post graduate course on radio isotopes and nuclear physics.

In the 1980’s the Greenhouse Effect was beginning to get some restricted publicity. To me it looked a much more serious threat than the way it was constantly portrayed.

Then in 1988 a combination of understanding soil and understanding meteorology and knowing a little atmospheric physics, suddenly gave me an inkling to a completely feasible solution to Greenhouse Warming. A solution that would cost nothing and create a vastly healthier environment.