Performance Tips for Old Laptops

Do you have an old laptop sitting around your house holding own the floor and collecting dust? Chances are you probably do. If so, there are many things you can do to breathe new life into that old laptop and get a few more years of usefulness out of it before you have to upgrade. Try following these performance tips for old laptops to give your old laptop a few more years a usefulness.

1. Clean Your Laptop

As air flows through your laptop, dust and debris may get trapped in the vents. This will cause the laptop to run hotter than it should and, of course, it just looks bad. Give your laptop a thorough cleaning by using canned air to blow out the vents and wipe down the case and the keyboard with a damp cloth (while the computer is off and unplugged of course) so you can improve not only the way it looks, but also the way it functions.

2. Reinstall Windows

Windows slows down over time. That is just a fact of using it. Sure, you can go through and delete files and applications, but the best method to ensure you get everything off you don’t need is to reformat your computer and reinstall Windows from scratch. Before you begin, be sure you have the original install discs that came with your computer. If not, you can often order them from the manufacturer assuming your laptop isn’t too old.

3. Install Linux

If you don’t have your Windows disks or reinstalling Windows didn’t seem to help, you can always try downloading and installing Linux instead. There are many different Linux distributions available that are specifically designed to run on older hardware. When using these distributions, you will still have access to all the basics you will need to make your computer useful, but some of the resource hogging eye candy will be stripped away so you can have a fast experience even on older hardware.

4. Upgrade your RAM

Chances are your older laptop still has room for a little extra RAM. Adding memory to your older laptop can breathe new life into it and make your computer respond much faster. Check your computer’s stats before ordering memory as you need to be sure you choose the right type of memory for your laptop.

5. Install a Faster Hard Drive

Many older laptops have slower, 5400 RPM hard drives in them. This slower speed drive can really make your old laptop feel a lot slower than it actually is. To speed things up, install a 7200 RPM drive or go one step further and install a solid state drive and you will see a huge boost of speed even on your older laptop.

With just a little TLC, your older, outdated laptop could be reinvigorated to last you a few more years and following these performance tips for old laptops will help you do just that. Once you have completed these tips you should have a laptop that is faster and able to run any of the basics you will need such as document editing, web surfing and much more.