Modest Laptops on a Budget

Buying a laptop for school or work without completely depleting your funds is optimal for the modest consumer. Dell, Lenovo, and HP offer many laptops under 400 dollars with large 15 inch screens. It can be discouraging to settle for a mini computer when you need something slightly larger on a budget.

Mini computers are excellent for those on the go, whom do not want the burden of carrying a large carrying case, but for those of you who desire to have a larger screen for viewing, and love the comfort of the keyboard under your wrist may want to purchase a 15 inch screen with more memory and visibility.

Dell offers a I15-1366B laptop with a 15-6 inch display under 400 dollars. This is an economically feasible purchase which includes a dual –core 1.7GHZ processor with 4GB DDR SDRAM/320 had drive. Each manufacture offers the consumer options to add, which can of course increase the finale cost of the computer. For those of you who do not fall for the additional bells and whistles will purchase what you need at the price that you can afford.

Laptops fewer than 400 dollars do not lack in performance, speed, and agility compared to their expensive counterparts. Consumers are often surprise with the performance of computers under 400 dollars. Don’t assume that the computers that are small will not exude the same performance as a larger computer. Writing papers, budgeting, or just surfing the web with computers under 400 dollars gives the consumer the flexibility to increase software at a later date without having to add more memory or increasing the hard drive.

Purchasing a computer under 400 dollars is a terrific value for anyone wanting or needing a new computer. There are many choices of name brands to consider. Watch out for those appealing software upgrades which could blow the 400 dollar budget to the moon.