When you hear about cheap laptops going for sale for just under $200 with warranties, a netbook laptop should definitely come into mind. These are of high quality with a guarantee that you will not get stuck with junk. We all know shopping for a laptop can sometimes be a tedious task especially when faced with dozens of choices.

Recently, the CEO of Intel confirmed that the future is looking bright with consumers’ buying ultra thin laptops which feature an Intel Atom Processor for as little as $200, that vision includes Google’s Operating Systems as well.

Microsoft charges PC makers a fee for every device shipped with Windows software, while there are patent fees associated with loading a tablet with its software, Google on the other hand is making its Operating Systems free of charge therefore it’s imperative to note that Android products cost less than Windows powered devices.

A fewer years back, PC took a similar approach in cutting costs of production in netbook computers. Some of the netbooks computers with Linux powered netbooks with thousands of apps available for their devices.While many other users would prefer a mini laptop running on Android systems, it will not be a wonder seeing other manufacturers going for notebooks with lower costs.. Trusted brands such as Intel are producing low costs mini laptops, selling them at a lower price and are already proving popular with consumers.

When Microsoft will start feeling the threat of its profit margins by increased low sales of low cost laptops the company will definitely rethink about offering price breaks to PC breakers the same way it did some few years back and we could be seeing $200 mini laptops with Windows 8 and Atom Chip software.Since the Chips offer twice the performance than its predecessor, it that means you will soon be picking up a low priced netbook laptop for just under $200 very soon.